6 Types of Content For Lead Generation

Content is perhaps the most affordable way small business owners can effectively generate very hot leads on a shoe-string budget. The first thing to remember about attracting new clients is that people usually work with those they know, like, and trust. Content allows you to portray your personality, knowledge, skills, empathy, etc. to readers, so they begin to respect you as an authority in your field. Words are that powerful! Content also allows you to express your own individuality and personality, which can resonate with certain people who also identify with your background, style, and vibe. This alone can be worth gold to you! I personally believe that content marketing is one of – if not THE most effective way to generate leads online. Content actually can pre-qualifty your leads so they really understand what you and your company are about. In this post, we’ll be exploring six types of content business owners can use to generate HOT leads. You don’t have to incorporate all of th